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New Phase: Feb 12th

New Phase will start on Feb 12th, 9am CST
Grab all your friends and be ready, hunt across the world to find the best location and be the first person to start your city on the map.

Major Updates: Pastures - Have two new animals, goats, and turkeys, and high level pastures provide meat and goods directly now.

New Buildings: Gemshop - sell gems for coins.
Bookmaker - A early tier building that is ONLY for hammer civs, allows you to bring items to it, in exchange for making beakers for your science.

Biome updates: Increased values for some cooler biome areas:
jade cliffs - 2.0 hammers 1 happiness
alps - 2.5 hammers 1.5 growth

rainforest - 2.8 beakers 2 growth
badlands - 2.7 beakers 0.9 happiness

mushroom - 1.5 happiness 2.5 beakers
cherry - 1.5 happiness 1.5 hammers

highland - 2.5 growth 1.7 beakers
lush desert - 2.5 growth 1.2 happines

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Gems: New World Blocks

Four gem types will now show up in certain biomes across the world.
ruby, opal, sapphire, tanzanite
These can be gathered and sold for much coins at the new Gem Shop marketplace.
Villagers around the map can help give you clues as to what biomes they are in.
Each type of gem is found at a different y range in each biome. After you find the biome and y area, you can max out your collection.

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Classes and Roles and Skills

A new game mechanic of Classes and Roles has been added to CivWorld. There are 4 Classes, Fighter, Thief, Priest, and Mage, each with special skills that go up to level 20.
There are also 6 Roles, such as Miner, Woodcutter, Farmer, Hunter, Merchant, and Explorer, each with more skills.
To level up your class or role, you will use SKill Points at the Barracks building.
You may have one class until level 10, then you can choose a second class.
You get 4 skill points per player level.

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New Mods, Monsters, and Blocks

There are 4 great new mods we have added to the server, and begun incorporating into our world.
Lycanites - Adds a TON of new mobs and danger to our world, fairies, dinosaurs, and more!
Infernal Mobs - On occasion some mobs may be very special, and have armor and spell effects.
Better Animals - Adding a bunch more farm and wild animals to our world.
Aquaculture - Many Many types of fish, and much improved fishing abilities. You can fillet fish, and cook them for the market sales.

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City Policies

There is now a wide variety of city policies you can choose for each time your main city levels up. These will help you grow your empire in many various ways.

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